Alexandra Sasamoto
Preschool and Kindergarten teacher/School Principal

Hi, I’m Alexandra from Machida International Kids School. I’m Argentinian and I’ve been living here in Japan for almost 21 years. I’m an art and Spanish teacher. I have been teaching children for more than 12 years. During all these years working with children and seeing how this world is moving in such a fast pace has helped me realize that we need to improve the traditional education system. There are many things a school must do to ensure each child is prepared to succeed in today’s modern global economy. In addition to reading and writing, tomorrow’s leaders will also need to acquire the ability to communicate effectively in this multilingual world. It is not an easy journey, but if we do our job with love, I believe we can provide them with a strong foundation. We guide them to grow and think critically. We challenge and encourage them to continue exploring, and to keep their curiosity going. In my opinion, the most important thing we teach them here at MIK is to respect each other as human beings. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.