After School

At Funplay After School, children will be immersed in song, music, rhyme and storytelling, painting, guided and free craft activities and much much more.

Children will be able to learn through the use of puzzles, card games, bingo, memory match, connector cubes, checkers and many other fun activities.

As children use the Craft Basket, they can experiment freely with crayons, markers, scissors, glue, yarn, origami and a whole lot more.

Every afternoon we will have two group times where the children will learn to participate in a circle setting. During circle times, the children will learn phonics using bean bags, songs, through rhymes, role play, funny games and partnered activities.

Circle time activities are followed up by simple matching worksheet exercises that the children can then put in their folders.

Funplay After School is the perfect setting for children to be able to acquire practical skills, explore creative possibilities, learn language skills and have a wonderful time.